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Get exotic charms from Singapore jeweller Carrie K


Faux snakeskin bracelets, wishbone necklaces and more exotic accessories from Singapore jeweller Carrie K. now available from Doorstep Luxury

Fans of Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery’s one-of-a-kind accessories will be pleased to note that a selection of Carrie K. necklaces, bracelets and rings are now available from online retailer Doorstep Luxury, including new designs for its faux animal skin bracelets.

Founded in 2009 by Singaporean designer Carolyn Kan, the Carrie K. brand is known for its fine handcrafted jewellery made with traditional silversmithing methods. For its latest accessories launched on Doorstep Luxury, however, the brand has gone for a more playful, exotic vibe.

Hot on the heels of the brand’s big feature on Project Runway Korea, Carrie K. has rolled out two new bracelet designs as part of its Charmed collection: the faux snakeskin Charmed bracelet and faux ostrich skin Charmed bracelet ($210 each).

The bracelets, made from stainless steel and calf leather finished with the signature Carrie K. pewter crown charm, can be worn in singles for a light classy look or stacked together to make a statement. The ostrich skin bracelets are available in blue, orange, green and yellow, while the snakeskin bracelets come in royal hues like beige-gold, black-gold, navy-cobalt, red, bronze and mauve.

Other edgy Carrie K. designs from Doorstep Luxury include the Wishbone necklace ($160), the Grit Knuckle Sandwich Ring from the exclusive Veritas by Carrie K. line ($600) and the Black Baroque Pearl Necklace ($280).

Purported to bring its wearer good luck all year round, the silver Wishbone necklace is a simple, organic compliment to any outfit. In contrast, the Black Baroque Pearl Necklace and Grit Knuckle Sandwich quartz ring are left deliberately unpolished, thus capturing a raw, industrial aesthetic – perfect for creating that subtle “punk” look without looking 15 again.

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