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Gucci goes green


Gucci launches Sustainable Soles, a range of eco-chic ballet flats for women. It has never been more chic to save the earth than right now. Hot on the heels of Gucci’s participation in the recent Copenhagen Fashion Summit – a world conference on fashion and sustainability – comes Sustainable Soles, Gucci’s latest endeavour to go green.

Sustainable Soles are a range of special edition shoes made from bio-plastic, a biodegradable material that can break down in the environment much faster than traditional industrial plastic.

Called the Marola Green ballerina, the snazzy-looking, somewhat art deco-like flats come in four shades – blush, taupe, all-black and another in black but with a contrasting interlocked G in white. The d’orsay design is complemented by cut-outs on the sides, making them hot weather friendly and tres chic.

These shoes have been designed by Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini and form part of the luxury brand’s Pre-Fall 2012 collection. They will cost $220 and be available end June at the Gucci Takashimaya and Marina Bay Sands stores.

If you haven’t done your part for Mother Earth yet, it is not too late to make a stylish statement with these Marola Green ballerinas now.

Source: http://www.herworldplus.com/shopping/updates/shopping-updates-gucci-goes-green


Salvatore Ferragamo introduces thermal-dependent Varina flats


Ferragamo’s newest Varina flats will transform from day-to-night Mention the word Varinas to just about anyone who knows fashion and you’ll see their eyes light up in recognition. After all, the humble but well-loved ballerina flats from Salvatore Ferragamo have since become a classic wardrobe staple, not unlike its heeled sister shoe, the Vara, which dates back to its beginnings in 1978.

These were no-nonsense, sensible shoes that women could walk in all day and still look impeccably put together, all thanks to its signature grosgrain bow fastened to the coloured leather upper.
It might be that Ferragamo is looking to shake up the image of their Varina ballerina flats, which is why it has been given a snazzy, somewhat tech-y update for Fall 2012.

Named the Day-to-Night Varina, these special ballerina flats are made from a patented thermal leather that will morph from a leopard print in the heat to a shiny black when the weather cools, essentially changing with the time of the day.

This doesn’t mean though that the shoes will strictly remain printed in the day and end up a solid black at night. As these Varinas are heat-sensitive, they will transform depending on your body temperature or the weather of the day, which means they might end up black on a cold, rainy morning, and remain printed on a warm, balmy night.

We can’t decide which we like better, the blush pink pair, the concrete grey one or the wine red, but priced at a fairly decent $690, it won’t hurt to get two pairs will it? Now, who said a leopard can’t change its spots?

Source: http://www.herworldplus.com/shopping/updates/shopping-updates-salvatore-ferragamo-introduces-thermal-dependent-varina-flats