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Spanish fashion chain Shana opens in Singapore


Affordable ladies’ apparel, footwear and accessories from Spain’s fastest-growing retail chain Shana now available at Bugis+ and Jcube in Singapore

For weary fashionistas bored with the usual high-street suspects, here’s something new: Spain’s fastest growing high-street fashion chain, Shana, has arrived in Singapore.

The fast fashion store, which currently has 25 stores outside Spain, has opened two outlets on Singapore shores. They are at the Bugis+ shopping centre — formerly known as Iluma — and at the spanking-new Jcube shopping centre in Jurong.

At Shana, shoppers will be spoilt for choice with an eye-watering range of affordable apparel and accessories for young women. The store is all about fun: Everything in Shana is bright, bold and statement-making. Everyday basics, footwear, scarves, bags, sunglasses and even mobile phone covers are all priced within the $2.90 to $68.90 range.

Shopping at the store itself promises to be a fashion-friendly experience. Some neat in-store features include the digitalised catalogues shown on screens around the boutique, which help guide shoppers through the key trends of the season so they can make savvy buys.

All weekly arrivals — yes, you won’t be seeing the same dresses and shirts on the racks for weeks on end — will also be sorted by coordinated colour themes so you can head straight to the right racks and avoid trudging through shades you’ll never wear.

So should you grab your girlfriends and make a date with Shana? We say yes.


Gucci goes green


Gucci launches Sustainable Soles, a range of eco-chic ballet flats for women. It has never been more chic to save the earth than right now. Hot on the heels of Gucci’s participation in the recent Copenhagen Fashion Summit – a world conference on fashion and sustainability – comes Sustainable Soles, Gucci’s latest endeavour to go green.

Sustainable Soles are a range of special edition shoes made from bio-plastic, a biodegradable material that can break down in the environment much faster than traditional industrial plastic.

Called the Marola Green ballerina, the snazzy-looking, somewhat art deco-like flats come in four shades – blush, taupe, all-black and another in black but with a contrasting interlocked G in white. The d’orsay design is complemented by cut-outs on the sides, making them hot weather friendly and tres chic.

These shoes have been designed by Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini and form part of the luxury brand’s Pre-Fall 2012 collection. They will cost $220 and be available end June at the Gucci Takashimaya and Marina Bay Sands stores.

If you haven’t done your part for Mother Earth yet, it is not too late to make a stylish statement with these Marola Green ballerinas now.


Get exotic charms from Singapore jeweller Carrie K


Faux snakeskin bracelets, wishbone necklaces and more exotic accessories from Singapore jeweller Carrie K. now available from Doorstep Luxury

Fans of Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery’s one-of-a-kind accessories will be pleased to note that a selection of Carrie K. necklaces, bracelets and rings are now available from online retailer Doorstep Luxury, including new designs for its faux animal skin bracelets.

Founded in 2009 by Singaporean designer Carolyn Kan, the Carrie K. brand is known for its fine handcrafted jewellery made with traditional silversmithing methods. For its latest accessories launched on Doorstep Luxury, however, the brand has gone for a more playful, exotic vibe.

Hot on the heels of the brand’s big feature on Project Runway Korea, Carrie K. has rolled out two new bracelet designs as part of its Charmed collection: the faux snakeskin Charmed bracelet and faux ostrich skin Charmed bracelet ($210 each).

The bracelets, made from stainless steel and calf leather finished with the signature Carrie K. pewter crown charm, can be worn in singles for a light classy look or stacked together to make a statement. The ostrich skin bracelets are available in blue, orange, green and yellow, while the snakeskin bracelets come in royal hues like beige-gold, black-gold, navy-cobalt, red, bronze and mauve.

Other edgy Carrie K. designs from Doorstep Luxury include the Wishbone necklace ($160), the Grit Knuckle Sandwich Ring from the exclusive Veritas by Carrie K. line ($600) and the Black Baroque Pearl Necklace ($280).

Purported to bring its wearer good luck all year round, the silver Wishbone necklace is a simple, organic compliment to any outfit. In contrast, the Black Baroque Pearl Necklace and Grit Knuckle Sandwich quartz ring are left deliberately unpolished, thus capturing a raw, industrial aesthetic – perfect for creating that subtle “punk” look without looking 15 again.


Lowrys Farm opens standalone store in Singapore


Japanese fashion label Lowrys Farm’s first standalone boutique is located at the newly-opened Bugis+ mall Within the pages of a Japanese magazine lies another world, one where the sun is always shining and the girls are always gorgeous, happy and stylishly dressed to boot.

Yes that’s a perfect world which we can’t all inhabit, but there’s one thing about it women here can seek solace in – the oh-so-pretty clothes the models are wearing.

Enter Lowrys Farm, a Japanese casual wear brand that prides itself on offering laid-back yet on-trend fashion pieces for both women and men in their mid-twenties.

The brand recently unveiled its first standalone boutique in the newly-revamped Bugis+ shopping mall (previously known as Iluma), boasting a spacious 2,360 square feet in size.

Lowrys Farm is not new to Singapore. In March this year, its parent company, Collect Point – which also brings in other Japanese casual fashion brands like Hare, Jeanasis and Heather – set up a store-in-store boutique within Isetan Orchard, introducing for the first time, these brands to the Singaporean market.

The Lowrys Farm aesthetic is youthful, preppy and girly, so expect to see striped t-shirts, denim boyfriend shirts, ditzy floral sundresses, polka dot cropped trousers and crochet cardigans aplenty.

Clearly, comfort is very much a big part of Lowrys Farm’s brand mantra; here you won’t see clothes made from sub-standard fabrics that are rough and scratchy. Instead, tissue soft tees and luxuriously silky maxi skirts are just a couple of the brand’s best-sellers.

It is no wonder why models in Japanese magazines are so cheerful all the time – when you’re wearing such easy, breezy comfortable clothes, it’s hard not to be happy isn’t it?


Salvatore Ferragamo introduces thermal-dependent Varina flats


Ferragamo’s newest Varina flats will transform from day-to-night Mention the word Varinas to just about anyone who knows fashion and you’ll see their eyes light up in recognition. After all, the humble but well-loved ballerina flats from Salvatore Ferragamo have since become a classic wardrobe staple, not unlike its heeled sister shoe, the Vara, which dates back to its beginnings in 1978.

These were no-nonsense, sensible shoes that women could walk in all day and still look impeccably put together, all thanks to its signature grosgrain bow fastened to the coloured leather upper.
It might be that Ferragamo is looking to shake up the image of their Varina ballerina flats, which is why it has been given a snazzy, somewhat tech-y update for Fall 2012.

Named the Day-to-Night Varina, these special ballerina flats are made from a patented thermal leather that will morph from a leopard print in the heat to a shiny black when the weather cools, essentially changing with the time of the day.

This doesn’t mean though that the shoes will strictly remain printed in the day and end up a solid black at night. As these Varinas are heat-sensitive, they will transform depending on your body temperature or the weather of the day, which means they might end up black on a cold, rainy morning, and remain printed on a warm, balmy night.

We can’t decide which we like better, the blush pink pair, the concrete grey one or the wine red, but priced at a fairly decent $690, it won’t hurt to get two pairs will it? Now, who said a leopard can’t change its spots?


UK ‘it’ designer Sophie Hulme now available at Doorstep Luxury


Sometimes you really want people to know exactly who made your handbag, how much it cost and just what a fashionista you are; sometimes you prefer to be ahead of the masses. This is why you should get your hands on one of Sophie Hulme’s totes right now.

An up-and-coming designer of streamlined, elegant leather bags as well as a ready-to-wear collection, British designer Sophie Hulme is “hot” right now thanks to fans like Peaches Geldof and Alexa Chung.

She’s also a favourite of top UK fashion mags like Elle UK and won one of the British Fashion Council’s four 2011 Talent Launch Pad awards; so you know she’s going to be huge.

Get one of her fabulous bags now while they’re still affordable from Singapore’s top online fashion store, Doorstep Luxury. Check out the gallery below for examples; you’ll also get a cute “trinket” with your purchase, this season it’s a cute pen cap.


Coach’s Legacy collection is simple but good


In 1961, an American designer made history when she introduced industrial hardware like brass toggles and zips onto clothes and bags. She also revolutionised the way women carried their daily necessities around by introducing matching coin purses attached to bags as well as inner zipped compartments.

Her name was Bonnie Cashin, and she was the chief designer of Coach. Her vision was simple – to make fashion practical.

Fast forward 51 years, and her name is still very much part of Coach’s identity, especially with the launch of the Coach Legacy collection for Fall 2012, a collection that re-introduces Coach’s archival pieces but with a modern twist.

A highlight of the Legacy collection is the Duffle (pictured above), first made famous by Bonnie Cashin in 1973, in a practical though dull camel brown shade. The latest version however, is like the original Duffle Sac’s more vivacious sister, boasting a plethora of bright colours like cobalt blue, emerald green, sunflower yellow and carnelian red.

The Legacy range continues to adapt from its archives with the cross-body Saddle Bag, the mini Penny bag, the double-buckled Amanda Flap and the Archive Bucket Bag, all inspired from Coach purses of the ‘70s and ‘80s.

There’s more to fall in love with in this Legacy collection. Each bag is either made from Coach’s heritage glove-tanned leather or a hardy pebbled leather, and accompanied by a tassel – the Legacy’s collection signature.

The Bonnie Cashin influence is woven throughout the Legacy purses, from the use of bold, vivid shades and handy small accessories that matched your bag, right down to the special reissue of Bonnie Cashin designs like the Bucket Bag (pictured below) which she popularised in 1968.

The stars of this season’s collection might be retrospective and simple (no visible Coach logos) but they certainly aren’t in any way old-fashioned, proving that regardless of what people say about cutting-edge design, good old classics still reign supreme.